Thursday, April 23, 2009

hard work pays me

for 1 week since i started marching under the HOT sun for my rumah sukan... i even missed some lessons but luckily no homework wan.

on 23 march, i marched in front of the crowd during practise and became the squad commander.. 
yeah.. so proud. but the stupid kokurikulum teacher keeping on scolding saying this lah that lah...

so we marched for 4 times including other houses. at last, everyone marched correctly and i have no more voice.. 

time for me to wait till the sports day on 25 march

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Man Utd VS Porto (2nd leg quater final)

hope MU will win against PORTO tomorrow and to continue the champion of champions league.

last week, MU won against SUNDERLAND which they deserved.. Macheda scored two last minute goals in two league matches too.


Thursday, April 9, 2009


same like tuesday.. but this time worst. i sprained my leg during 100m sprint but kena 2 points .. then later captain ran.. beginning very fast but suddenly leg twisted so he ran like orang cacat.. amazing he got 1 points coz hee jump..

next event, long jump. i got kicked until the last person to jump. now all form 1 jumped de except me. captain shouting like hell!! ran now and jump, land after the line, hooray got 2 points.

koko teacher announce the place for form 1 and 2. i got 2nd

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


morning went to school early and fetch Kevin.. at school while waiting for sports practise, i went to play football.. damn lah all indians.. play also angry. not even 2 mins i play ,i cabut de.. haha.

and the practise starts. koko teacher gave announcement. 1st event of all, high jump. i did passed but some of my friends fail coz to licin.

next one sprinting 400 m. i lined up like others. and the race begins. chow from ferrari is behind but in the middle he has overtake many drivers. reaching the finishing line, and ferrari ovrtake the last person.. the result is he got 3RD..

Saturday, April 4, 2009


woke up in a fresh mood to go for Cross Country. arrived at botanical garden, took attendance and a fat teacher gave a warming up class for 30 mins. later went to the starting line to get ready.

and BOOM!! here goes the race. everybody ran like mad dogs including me. i was leading when i arrived at youth park... and then the end... my leg start to pain and everybody overtake me.. no my hope.....

so i jog instead of running to have my leg not so pain and to go faster later..

reached the finishing line, and the teacher said, you're 10 mins behind.. so sorry. i was 25 and i failed to win a medal..  

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


in the evening i went to play badminton with my cousin.. long time din play, still blurr. later when about 1 hour, started playing well. but , lose. after playing, we went to drink coconut water.. very cold~~. later near the roadside, we saw a stall selling sugar cane. went down to drink again coz very thirsty. went bungalow to bath and eat steambot... 

Sunday, March 29, 2009

usual story

Wah.. very good result for england. won 4-0. goal frm
Heskey and Crouch's hat-trick.